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Kurt Drowning In Data

Drowning in data, thirsting for knowledge

Data: we’re drowning in it. It’s growing at an exponential rate - essentially doubling every two years. But, as Big Data guru Bernard Marr says, less than 0.5% of all data is analysed, and that…

Will Carving Out A Geospatial Career

5 tips for launching a geospatial career

Geospatial is not a word you hear every day: it’s a bit of a niche industry. I certainly wish that there had been more information about potential geospatial career paths when I was a GIS grad…

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FOSS4G Tanzania – the (literally) unchartered territories of Africa

Santosh Seshadri presented Orbica’s GeoBI work at the FOSS4G Tanzania opensource conference in August.  Dar-es-Salaam.  I was really surprised to learn how diverse the city was when I arrived in…

The Top Secret Behind Orbicas Growth

The top secret behind Orbica’s growth

When you’re in “start-up” mode, starting up gets in the way of everything else, including writing about starting up. That’s why I find myself writing my very first Orblog on my 1-year…

Beyond Maps The New Landscape Of Data Visualisation

Beyond maps: the new landscape of data visualisation

If data has a location element, it’s best visualised on a map, right? Well, that depends. In geospatial teams, or with people who are GIS-orientated, we’re conditioned to think in terms of maps.…

Orbicas New Project For Environment Canterbury

Orbica's new project for Environment Canterbury brings rates to life

Cantabrians can now see with the click of a mouse how Environment Canterbury (ECan) proposes to collect and spend regional rates.  A new desktop rates tool went live early this month to coincide…

Chch Tech Company Wins

Christchurch tech company wins with AI solutions in Germany

Christchurch-based location data company Orbica’s innovative solution combining 3D geospatial datasets and artificial intelligence is big news in Germany today.  Orbica beat start-ups from around…

Press Release Nz Tech Firm Tests Ground Breaking Satellite Technology

PRESS RELEASE: NZ tech firm tests ground-breaking satellite technology

Satellites orbiting more than 20, 000km above the earth’s surface are now trying to locate and record what lies beneath in a new trans-Tasman initiative spearheaded by Christchurch geospatial…

Then It Hit Me The Power Of Maps

“Then it hit me… the power of maps!”

It is especially hard to explain the power of geo-informatics and data visualisation in layman’s terms. I mean, not even my mum understands what I do for work. I’ve tried to explain the location…

Coming Full Circle

Coming full circle

[Post by Kurt Janssen] In our industry, we’re always dealing with maps and data on this orb we call earth. So it’s kind of natural that things come full circle after a while. Orbica has almost…