Coming Full Circle

By Kurt Janssen

In our industry, we’re always dealing with maps and data on this orb we call earth. So it’s kind of natural that things come full circle after a while. Orbica has almost reached the one-year landmark – well, we will in February – so that’s one orbit nearly complete.

We’ve achieved some pretty incredible milestones on the journey so far. One of the most significant is the move into a purpose-designed home of our own in central Christchurch’s innovation precinct in early December 2017. Innovation is super important to me, and to our whole team of Orbicans. That’s why we started out at BizDojo, a start-up incubator hub in the centre of town, and why we chose the innovation precinct when looking for a home to accommodate Orbica’s growth. It’s key that we’re involved with and situated near like-minded businesses. True, office space in the ‘burbs is more cost-effective, but we want to be part of that new, central-city vibe and the buzz of being situated in a hub of innovative and forward-thinking businesses. Oh, and there’s a few good pubs around, shall we say, and coffee establishments. That’s crucial for all the late nights. The view isn’t too bad either.

The move for us means much more than four walls and some fancy desks. It means we have room to grow and it means we’re here to stay. It means that we’re no longer a start-up – we’re a stay-up. Orbica has added a staff member a month (on average) over the past year, and we’ve delivered some great work for our clients.

Our growth comes down to this: we do business differently. We’re interested in the best solution, not the traditional one. We’ve turned away from focusing on systems and platforms and software to starting the conversation with data, and to try and match that up with strategic and key goals within the business to solve some core, grunty problems. Data is the gold, and we help our clients mine it to extract its value.

How we do this is unique. We’re the only geospatial consultancy in New Zealand to incorporate artificial intelligence into our business, and the results are ground-breaking. We are also platform agnostic. The outcomes are simple: you get the best-of-breed technologies for the desired solution. It’s truly exciting to head up our team of innovators and thought leaders. If 2017 was a year focused on building robust foundations, 2018 will be the year we start demonstrating what the team has been cooking.

Of course, Orbica couldn’t have come this far, this quickly, without clients who have trusted us and staff who believe in our vision.

Starting Orbica has also brought me back around full circle to what I’m passionate about: I love the earth and I love everything to do with geography. Orbica has helped me re-focus on that. But now, it’s data in the digital world that represents geography. We’re using geography to solve, to innovate and to take businesses to another level.

Doing that from our super cool new offices is just a bonus. Reach out or drop by anytime to see our new home, meet the Orbicans or to get a glimpse of some of the solutions we are developing.