A win at Beyond Conventions 2019!

Beyond Conventions 2018 was such a massive event for us, we didn't think it was possible to repeat it. But 2019 proved to be every bit as awesome! Orbica Europe director Peter Rose and Tijs Inghelbrecht worked hard with the Chch Orbicrew to design a workforce management platform, digital/mobile…

Geoawesome Startups

Orbica on list of top 100 geospatial companies and start-ups

It's pretty #geoawesome to have Orbica recognised on the Geoawesomeness Top 100 Geospatial Comapnies for 2019. It's a comprehensive, world-wide list of big, established brands, new start-ups and the in-betweens. We're a bit flattered! Check out the list here.

Newsletter 2

Keeping up with the Orbicans: December 2018 newsletter

Phew! Where did 2018 go? We thought we’d better do a quick debrief before gearing up for 2019. For the full story and some exciting news about next year, have a read of our newsletter: Orbica December 2018.If you're in a rush - don't worry, we get it! Check out a few Orbica memories in less than a…

Christmas Work Do 2018

Merry Christmas everyone!

The Christmas break is just around the corner and the Orbicrew celebrated the season out at Melton Estate today. It was a great way to relax, unwind, eat some beautiful food and enjoy each other’s company. Now, bring on the holidays!


An elegant game of petanque

There’s a pretty strong cricket contingent at Orbica, but we wanted to mix things up a bit. So we thought, why not petanque? For those Orbicans who aren’t fans of a rock-hard cricket ball racing towards you at 150kph, petanque was a respite. Just as competitive though, and fun had by all!

Tin Web

Orbica listed in TIN 2018 report

It’s pretty humbling to have Orbica recognised as a SparkEarly Stage Company at the Technology Investment Network (TIN) 2018 report launch in Auckland today: even more so given that it’s the only South Island company to have received the honour this year. The TIN 2018 report really shows how…

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