What We Do

It’s often hard to explain exactly what it is we do, because what we do is constantly evolving, changing, and innovating. Therefore we’re constantly evolving, changing and innovating too. But here’s some of our core offerings – check back next week, as we’ll no doubt be doing something new and exciting!

Geospatial Analysis & Solutions

Orbica always starts the conversation with data, and the common denominator of all data is location. Your data is a gold mine and we can help you extract its hidden value by crafting unique solutions that add business value.

  • Case study: Map of Agriculture >>

Data Visualisation

We bring data to life with creative visuals: from modern maps and dynamic infographics to interactive visualisation technology like point-cloud models and 3D worlds. It’s your data’s story told like you’ve never seen it before.

  • Case study: Environment Canterbury (ECan) >>
  • Download: Data Vis A5 >>


GeoAI is where geospatial technology, imagery and artificial intelligence converge. Orbica has developed algorithms that can detect and classify features with a high degree of accuracy and speed, revolutionising traditional methods. Building outlines, trees, roads and waterbodies are just the beginning: our algorithms can be trained to detect and classify any feature on the earth’s surface. The possibilities are endless.

  • Case study: Thyssenkrupp Industrial Solutions >>
  • Case study: R&D >>
  • Download: Geoai A5 >>

The DataSquad

Got a data problem? Whether you need to collect data, investigate the data you already have, engineer and develop, make data talk to each other, aggregate it, automate it or innovate it, no data mystery is too hard to solve for Orbica’s DataSquad.

Field Data Collection

We love to get out of the office and collect data in the “real world.” Orbica can develop apps, techniques and teams to optimise the quality and robustness of your data in the field so that you can use it effectively back at the office.