Data Visualisation

We bring data to life with creative visuals: from modern maps and dynamic infographics to interactive visualisation technology like point-cloud models and 3D worlds. It’s your data’s story told like you’ve never seen it before.

Cs City Of Casey Melbourne

A growing population is great for a city’s economy.

Cs City Of Casey Emergency Colour

But what about the people who live there? Can they easily get to where they need to go as more people put pressure on services? This is the challenge facing the City of Casey in Melbourne’s South-East.

Cs City Of Casey Santosh

We set out to help them understand public transport routes that go to key locations (hospitals, government services, education, entertainment etc) and the population those routes serve.

Cs City Of Casey Video 1

Ever had Uber Eats delivered to your door? Well, we used the same mapping technology as Uber to plot the routes of buses and trains (and their frequency) across time.

Cs City Of Casey Video 2

It uses multiple layers to filter services and their frequency.

Cs City Of Casey Video 3

City of Casey is using this big data visualisation to advocate for better public transport in their corner of Melbourne.

Case Study Ecan Money

Ever wondered where your rates money goes? Sure, it leaves your bank account, but what does it do after that?

Case Study Ecan River Colour

Environment Canterbury wanted to better communicate the story of what they do and to help rate payers easily understand the money trail in a visually dynamic way.


We worked together with Environment Canterbury to develop Rates’ Tool – a desktop application that uses shapes, sizes, colours and animation, backed up by location and statistics.

Case Study Ecan Bubbles Demo

We call it “bubbles” around the office – you can see why!

Case Study Ecan Desktop Rates Tool Bubbles Map

There is a map view where the user can investigate spend according to region.

Case Study Ecan What Are My Rates Funding

And then there’s “My Rates,” where users can enter their address and see the specific projects that their rates dollars fund.

Nzsea Awards

We won an award for this one!