Geo AI

GeoAI is where geospatial technology, imagery and artificial intelligence converge. Orbica has developed algorithms that can detect and classify features with a high degree of accuracy and speed, revolutionising traditional methods. Building outlines, trees, roads and waterbodies are just the beginning: our algorithms can be trained to detect and classify any feature on the earth’s surface. The possibilities are endless.

Cs Geoai Randd Earth Observation Bw

It’s amazing to have 24/7 imagery of the earth, right?

Cs Geoai Randd Google Earth

Yip, it’s great! The problem is that it’s impossible to get real-time, useful information from that imagery using current geospatial practices.

Cs Geo Ai Randd Venn2

So, we wondered, what would happen if we combined geospatial technology and artificial intelligence to automate feature extraction and classification?

Cs Geo Ai Randd Process Extract Features2

Our inquisitive minds set to work and we did it! This is how it works…

Cs Geoai Randd Rivers Gif

And this is what we can do with water bodies...

Cs Geoai Randd Building Outlines Gif

Building outlines...

Cs Geoai Randd Roads Gif

And roads.

Cs Geoai Randd The Future

And there’s much more. Welcome to the future of GeoAI.

Nzsea Awards

Did we mention that we won the Technical Excellence category at the 2018 NZSEA awards with GeoAI? Just thought we'd drop it in there...

Cs Tk Video Still

Orbica automates build progress reporting for thyssenkrupp in Germany.