The DataSquad

Got a data problem? Whether you need to collect data, investigate the data you already have, engineer and develop, make data talk to each other, aggregate it, automate it or innovate it, no data mystery is too hard to solve for Orbica’s DataSquad.

Cs Datasquad Gold Nuggets

You’re sitting on a goldmine and you probably don’t even know it.

Cs Datasquad General

Your data is of immeasurable value to your organisation, but sometimes you need some expert help to mine for the gold. That’s what a Datasquad workshop does. We help you sift through the silt to identify where the data value lies and how to use it.

How To Build A Webmap Web

Our not-so-secret superpower for drilling down to extract the gold is location, location, location.

Partner Logos

Here are just a few of the clients that we’ve workshopped together with.