Meet the Orbicans

The Orbicans are big-thinking location data specialists. They seek out exciting opportunities to establish value, they drive dynamic solutions, and they work with clients in the most innovative and rewarding ways. Together they represent the most progressive location based intelligence consultancy in the country.

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Kurt Janssen

Ceo / Founder Mountain bike warrior

Kurt is Orbica’s founder and mountain-biking CEO. Whereas a range of geospatial-shaped descriptions fit him way snugger than his fav baggies, Kurt’s strong customer focus means his specialisation lies in the geo-enabling of organisations: he identifies potential, makes connections, and turns them into an asset. His superpowers were recognised by the NZSEA with the Young Professional of the Year Award, 2016.

+64 (22) 450 7108

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Neal Johnston

Location Data Specialist Quadcopter Fighter Pilot

Location data specialist Neal was born in SA, raised in NZ and graduated from UC. He has a BSc in Geography, a PGDip in GIS, and a genius for controlling Python, SQL, databases and network routing etcetera using only his mind, fingers and thumbs. He also flies drones. In his dreams he is a decorated quadcopter fighter pilot.

+64 (27) 710 5050

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Faisal Abbas

Geospatial Craftsman Gaming Enthusiast

Faisal is Orbica’s go-to geospatial craftsman and a master gamer. A graduate of Pakistan’s renowned FAST National University, Faisal has a Masters in Computer Science and could design and develop spatial systems from an egg-box, twigs and double-sided sticky tape if he had to. A true Orbican, Faisal advocates for curiosity, exploration and change as a means of constant achievement. He regularly cites Steve Jobs.

+64 (22) 429 5890

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Santosh Seshadri

Geospatial Innovator Wanderluster

Indian-born innate philosopher Santosh is a spatial solutions specialist. And a formidable talent. He studied Mathematics, Geophysics, Economics and GIS in Texas, a lot. Santosh integrates various technologies to problem-solve and develop enterprising spatial solutions that make Orbica clients very happy. Santosh is a world adventurer. Travelling makes him very happy – see him smile.

+64 (22) 051 4509


Louisa Taylor

COO Tea Connoisseur

As chief operating officer Louisa is Orbica’s benevolent dictator of stuff that happens. With a BA in linguistics and law from VUW and a resume that reads like a best-seller, Louisa specialises in business analysis, service delivery, operational management and collaborative team environments. She cuts through nonsense. Her well-developed interest in Japanese culture extends to the delicate art of the tea ceremony. Louisa has undisputed control of Orbica’s kettle.

+64 (21) 117 0050

Bridget Edwards

Bridget Edwards

CFO Film Buff

Columns, calculations and fiscal systems may strike terror into the hearts of most mortals. But to Bridget, they are friends. She is a chartered accountant with a PGDip and a BCom. She draws upon her insight and professional experience with some of the best known accounting firms to ensure Orbica ticks along nicely. Bridget also really loves movies. You want her on your team on quiz night.

+64 (21) 187 5386

Will Web

Will Jones

Location Data Specialist Snow enthusiast

Location data specialist William has a BSc in Geology and a PGDip in GIS. He’s a critical thinker with an eye for opportunity and a knack for practical application. Wielding all the digital trickery of the spatial trade, William transforms dusty piles of data into inspiring real-world solutions. A sportsman and a qualified ski instructor, he says it comes in handy for avoiding avalanches. William also paints spectacularly.

+64 (27) 961 4195

Sagar Web

Sagar Soni

Data Scientist Chess champ

Sagar is a data scientist and an AI specialist with an MTech in IT. His enthusiasm for the deep space of data sends him exploring for hidden treasures using machine learning and deep learning algorithms. A multilingual coder, he is proficient in Java, Python and R. His insights solve real world complex problems: he developed the Indian space agency’s Earth rock image classification system. Sagar is equally enthusiastic for cricket. And he plays chess like a demon.

+64 (22) 109 7206

Andy Web

Andy Holt

Location Data Specialist Comic-book surfer

Andy holds a Bachelor of Earth Science from ESU Kansas, a Masters in Geophysics from Otago and a fascination for sci-fi/fantasy and quirk. A location data specialist, Andy has leant his expertise extensively to seismic survey programmes and to the utilities industries on a myriad of projects involving photogrammetry, LiDAR cleaning, and HRTe rectification. He was drawn to NZ in pursuit of adventure and furthered study…and possibly Hobbits. He quotes Monty Python.

+64 (21) 631 536

Antonin Web

Antonin Caen

Geospatial Architect Sports hero

Frenchman Antonin is a geospatial architect with one Masters in Geology and another in Computer Science with a geo focus. His professional credentials are equally two-thumbs up; his expertise is integral to the success of major GIS projects for infrastructure around the world. Antonin’s spectacular 3D platform smarts and curiosity for geo-everything drive inspiring solutions to customer needs. He strives for gold. He is an accomplished sportsman.

+64 (21) 0221 4579

Rob Parsons

Rob Parsons

Geospatialist Adventure Course Designer

Rob likens himself to a bridge builder in the geospatial world. His work enables clients to make the connections necessary to understand and improve their environments and information systems. Rob has held various leadership roles in the geospatial sector and enjoys working collaboratively with his clients. Rob’s spatial skills come in handy creating challenging obstacle courses for his kids.

+64 (21) 442 908

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Vanessa O'Brien

Communications Manager Word Nerd

Armed with a B.A in international relations and a Graduate Diploma in Journalism, master communicator Vanessa brings the Orbica team a bevy of skills she racked up reporting on Middle East politics and Tel Aviv tech start-ups. She not only translates Hebrew to English, but more impressively, tech/geek-speak into everyday-mortal-language. Vanessa loves nothing better than a finely crafted sentence and an adventure. She is Orbica’s best bet at negotiating a Middle East peace solution.

+64 (21) 081 10873

Peter Web

Peter Rose

Director (Europe) Global Futurist

Peter is in charge of Orbica’s European operations for good reasons. As well as a BE(Hons) he holds an MBA from WHU in Germany, and has studied business and management at so many institutions it would be quicker to tick off those not on the list. His background includes the GIS consulting industry alongside Orbica’s fearless leader Kurt, and managing multiple complex turnkey industrial developments throughout Europe. He’s fluent in German, plays a mean guitar and is sickeningly fit. Just in case that’s not enough, Peter was also the recipient of the WHU Future Leaders Challenge award, 2016.

+49 1768 084 96 38