We do digital geography

And your next question is "what?" ... right?

Fair call. We could tell you that we use geospatial smarts to unlock the value of location data and create effective business solutions and products. But showing you is easier. Keep watching and check out what we do.

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Maps that save lives

What do you do with 1 million+ crash records?

Map them, of course! Preferably in an impressive, super-fast, online web application that roading engineers can use to make New Zealand’s roads safer.

Not all heroes wear capes
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AI that can map rivers

Well, GeoAI, to be precise – which it is, by the way

And it’s not just rivers. Think building outlines, roads, vegetation and even 3D built-structures. This stuff is seriously cool – super nerdy, but cool.

To the future...
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Bubbles that tell your data's story

Wait, what?

That’s right – hundreds of interactive, colourful bubbles can communicate better than Tony Robbins. Seeing is believing. Orbica’s first SaaS product, OrbViz, is bursting into the data-visualisation scene…

Show me the bubbles
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Solving mysteries is our occupation

Data mysteries, that is.

Think of us like the Tomb Raiders of data. We use the power of location to dig deep into your data, unlock its secrets and surface them.

Data adventures here
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Hellooo Europe - we're in Berlin

Guten tag European friends!

Orbica Europe is open for business: click through to find out more...

I'm feeling continental
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